A variety of versatile methods to create full & natural styles unique to each individual. While natural & low maintenance styles are favoured, importantly there is no signature shape to ensure that the integrity of each brow is maintained. Additionally clients are encouraged to communicate their expectations, likes or dislikes, in order to reach brow satisfaction.  

Brow Sculpting

Revolutionising current trends & focusing on undoing the damage “over waxing” has created. Use of  mapping techniques & custom finishing to properly enhance client’s eyebrows, allowing for low maintenance, natural complimentary styles. Client education on filling techniques is available using Fox Cosmetics.

30 minutes required for this treatment.

Henna Brow

Hair will stay coloured with henna much longer, so it’s perfect for resistant hair types. On average we usually say hair will remain henna coloured anywhere from 4-7 weeks. Henna lasts a lot longer on the hair folicle compared to a traditional tint, a bonus skin stain effect for some skin types. Includes a basic shape using hair removal techniques. 

45 minutes required for this treatment.

Brow Tint

Eyebrow tinting is pretty much dying your eyebrow to match your hair colour. A tint will colour the hair for approximately 1-2 weeks, depending on aftercare and skin type. Please note this does not include hair removal this is generally an add-on service to Brow Sculpt.

15 minutes required for this treatment.

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