Get the perfect EYEBROW shape

At Oh La Artistry we provide the Blue Mountains, Penrith, Lithgow, Sydney customers with perfect Eyebrow Styling and I look forward to making you feel amazing.

Brow Sculpt

AUD $ 35

Using your facial features to map out a perfect shape, we discuss areas of concern and areas of removal. We follow with a wax, trim and tweeze. We chat about possible regrowth plan and will show you how to maintain shape with Fox Cosmetics brow products.

Eyebrow Colour | 15 MINS

aud $ 20

Using a dye to colour eyebrow hair. With also amazing skin stain. (please request if you do not want this effect) Lasts approx 5 weeks with 10 days on the skin (depending on skin type)

Brow Lamination + BROW SCULPT + COLOUR

aud $ 80

Tames even the toughest of unruly brows to create a naturally feathery full shape. A keratin based solution is applied to lift and set your brow hairs into an ideal shape of perfection. Includes a brow wax, tweeze, trim and colour dye.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, research indicated that the chemicals found in semi-permanent hair dyes are NOT highly toxic, therefore are deemed safe to use during pregnancy.

Yes, due to the incredible skin stain we can achieve, your brows can be shaped to your desired thickness. I also show you how to fill in those areas with Fox Cosmetic Brow Makeup.

We offer an extensive range of dye colours, that are custom blended to suit each clients unique hair colour and skin tone.

It is likely that your brows will look quite defined and the colour will be intense for the first 24-48 hours post treatment. If you have an event or holiday you’re planning ahead for, aim for the perfect result to be seen at around day-3

Dye generally lasts anywhere from 4-6 weeks on the hair, depending on an individuals skin type about 10 days on the skin. Results tend to last longer on dry skin types compared to those with an oily complexion.

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